Assistant Professor

Toward equitable social media content moderation for marginalized individuals and communities

In this line of research, my collaborators and I address online content moderation and user bans from the point of view of people from marginalized groups whose content or account was removed because it was wrongly or debatably deemed inappropriate by a platform. We examine identities and content that are false positives or gray areas – users and content that are removed from a site yet do not actually violate site policies, or fall into a gray area with respect to site policies and community norms. This research is funded by my NSF CAREER grant, "Toward Equitable Social Media Content Moderation for Marginalized Individuals and Communities."

Selected Publications

Disproportionate Removals and Differing Content Moderation Experiences for Conservative, Transgender, and Black Social Media Users: Marginalization and Moderation Gray Areas
Oliver L. Haimson, Daniel Delmonaco, Peipei Nie, Andrea Wegner
Proceedings of the ACM Human Computer Interaction (PACM HCI), 5(CSCW2), Article 466, October 2021, 35 pages (to be presented at CSCW 2021)
[open-access link] [PDF] [video] [summary]

Censorship of Marginalized Communities on Instagram
a community report by the Salty Algorithmic Bias Collective: Shakira L. Smith, Oliver L. Haimson, Claire Fitzsimmons, Nikki Echarte Brown
Salty, September 2021

Drawing from Justice Theories to Support Targets of Online Harassment
Sarita Schoenebeck, Oliver L. Haimson, Lisa Nakamura
New Media & Society, 23(5), May 2021 (first published online March 2020), p. 1278-1300
[link] [PDF] [press]

Online Transgender Health Information Seeking: Facilitators, Barriers, and Future Directions
Taika Augustaitis, Leland A. Merrill, Kristi E. Gamarel, Oliver L. Haimson
ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, May 2021, Article 205, 14 pages
[acceptance rate: 26%]
[open-access link] [PDF] [video]

Trans Time: Safety, Privacy, and Content Warnings on a Transgender-Specific Social Media Site
Oliver L. Haimson, Justin Buss, Zu Weinger, Denny L. Starks, Dykee Gorrell, Briar Sweetbriar Baron
Proceedings of the ACM Human Computer Interaction (PACM HCI), 4(CSCW2), Article 124, October 2020, 27 pages (presented at CSCW 2020)
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