This is a working list of research literature at the intersection of (transgender and/or non-binary people) and (digital technology; digital, online, and social media; sociotechnical systems; and the Internet), compiled by Oliver Haimson. I am probably missing some important pieces, and I expect this list to continue to grow over time. Please email me with additions, and I will add them to the list.

Disclaimer: I have read many but not all of these pieces, and while many of them are respectful to trans people, some are not; yet I include them here for the sake of completeness.

Inclusion criteria: While most of this work is trans-specific, the list includes research about LGBTQ people broadly if more than 25% of participants are trans and/or non-binary, or if the work is particularly focused on trans issues. The list only includes English language work at this time.

Other resources: While this list includes some work about trans people and digital media, for a more complete list of trans media studies research please see Thomas J. Billard's Bibliography of Transgender Media Studies. For a list of queer scholarship in HCI, please see Gopinaath Kannabiran's Queer HCI list.

First published: January 1, 2018       Last updated: August 22, 2022

Year Author(s) Title Item Type Publication / Publisher URL Volume Issue Pages Author Keywords
2021 Acena, Dane; Freeman, Guo "In My Safe Space": Social Support for LGBTQ Users in Social Virtual Reality conference paper Extended Abstracts of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems [link] social virtual reality; social VR; online social support; LGBTQ
2019 Adair, Cassius Delete Yr Account: Speculations on Trans Digital Lives and the Anti-Archival essay Digital Research Ethics Collaboratory [link]
2017 Adair, Cassius The Misrecognition You Can Bear thesis University of Michigan [link] recognition; identification; documentation; transgender; trans; gender variance; racialized; marginalized
2018 Adkins, Victoria; Masters, Ellie; Shumer, Daniel; Selkie, Ellen Exploring Transgender Adolescents' Use of Social Media for Support and Health Information Seeking conference paper Journal of Adolescent Health [link] 62 2 S44
2013 Adler, Melissa Gender Expression in a Small World: Social Tagging of Transgender-themed Books conference paper Proceedings of the 76th ASIS&T Annual Meeting [link] 52:1–52:8 tagging; folksonomies; gender; transgender; genderqueer; small worlds
2018 Ahmed, Alex Beyond diversity magazine article Communications of the ACM [link] 61 7 30-32
2020 Ahmed, Alex A. Community-based Design of Open Source Software for Transgender Voice Training thesis Northeastern University [link]
2018 Ahmed, Alex A. Trans Competent Interaction Design: A Qualitative Study on Voice, Identity, and Technology journal article Interacting with Computers [link] 30 1 53-71 interaction design process and methods; health informatics; gender; feminism
2018 Ahmed, Alex A.; Hoffmann, Anna Lauren Configuring the trans voice: Gender, race, and class in mobile voice training apps for transgender people conference paper AoIR 2018 [link]
2020 Ahmed, Alex A.; Kok, Bryan; Howard, Coranna; Still, Klew Online Community-based Design of Free and Open Source Software for Transgender Voice Training journal article Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction [link] 4 CSCW3 258:1–258:27 community-based collaborative design; free and open source software; transgender; feminist epistemologies; autoethnography
2021 Albert, Kendra; Delano, Maggie "This Whole Thing Smacks of Gender": Algorithmic Exclusion in Bioimpedance-based Body Composition Analysis conference paper Proceedings of the 2021 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency [link] 342-352 data collection and curation; sex/gender; bioelectrical impedance analysis; body composition; critical data/algorithm studies; science and technology studies; critical HCI and the design of algorithmic systems
2022 Albert, Kendra; Delano, Maggie Sex trouble: Sex/gender slippage, sex confusion, and sex obsession in machine learning using electronic health records journal paper Patterns [link] 3 8
2020 Albury, Kath; Dietzel, Christopher; Pym, Tinonee; Vivienne, Son; Cook, Teddy Not your unicorn: trans dating app users’ negotiations of personal safety and sexual health journal article Health Sociology Review [link] 1-15 dating apps; trans people; sexual health; safety; digital intimacies
2021 Allen, Brittany J.; Stratman, Zoe E.; Kerr, Bradley R.; Zhao, Qianqian; Moreno, Megan A. Associations Between Psychosocial Measures and Digital Media Use Among Transgender Youth: Cross-sectional Study journal article JMIR Pediatrics and Parenting [link] 4 3 transgender person; internet; sex and gender minorities; well-being; adolescent; mobile phone
2019 Anderson, Heather Lynn Rural Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Individuals' Experiences With Social Media During Adolescence thesis Walden University [link]
2022 Apple, Danielle E.; Lett, Elle; Wood, Sarah; Freeman Babe, Kari; Chuo, John; Schwartz, Lisa A.; Petsis, Danielle; Faust, Haley; Dowshen, Nadia Acceptability of Telehealth for Gender-Affirming Care in Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth and Their Caregivers journal article Transgender Health [link] 7 2 159-164 adolescence; gender-affirming care; gender diverse; telehealth; transgender
2019 Armstrong, Tommaso; Leong, Tuck Wah SNS and the Lived Experiences of Queer Youth conference paper Proceedings of the 2019 Australian Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (OZCHI) [link] queer; LGBTQIA+; lived experiences; SNS
2021 Ashley, Florence Recommendations for Institutional and Governmental Management of Gender Information journal article NYU Review of Law & Social Change [link] 44 4 489-528
2020 Augustaitis, Taika Online Transgender Health Information Seeking: Facilitators, Barriers, and Future Directions thesis University of Michigan [link]
2021 Augustaitis, Taika; Merrill, Leland A.; Gamarel, Kristi E.; Haimson, Oliver L. Online Transgender Health Information Seeking: Facilitators, Barriers, and Future Directions conference paper Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems [link] online health information seeking; social media; health; online communities; misinformation; content moderation; privacy; transgender; nonbinary
2021 Baeza Argüello, Saul; Wakkary, Ron; Andersen, Kristina; Tomico, Oscar Exploring the Potential of Apple Face ID as a Drag, Queer and Trans Technology Design Tool conference paper Proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems Conference [link] 1654–1667 Apple Face ID; drag; queer; trans technology; facial recognition; biometric artificial intelligence; identity; gender; race; digital identity; identity expression; multiple identities
2021 Bailey, Moya Misogynoir Transformed: Black Women’s Digital Resistance book NYU Press [link]
2022 Baldino, Janine N.; Lodge, Evans K.; Lahlou, Rita M. Assessment of a Student-Run Free Gender-Affirming Care Clinic's Transition to Telehealth journal article Transgender Health [link] 7 2 175-178 barriers; gender affirming; student-run; telehealth; transition to telehealth
2022 Barcelos, Chris The Affective Politics of Care in Trans Crowdfunding journal article TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly [link] 9 1 28-43 crowdfunding; care labor; care politics; affect; t4t
2015 Barnett, Joshua Trey Fleshy Metamorphosis: Temporal Pedagogies of Transsexual Counterpublics book chapter Transgender Communication Studies: Histories, Trends, and Trajectories (Lexington Books) 155-169
2014 Beach, Jesse Open source, open heart magazine article XRDS: Crossroads, The ACM Magazine for Students [link] 20 4 24-27
2017 Beare, Zachary C.; Stone, Melissa M. By Queer People, For Queer People: FOLX, Plume, and the Promise of Queer UX conference paper Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Design of Communication (SIGDOC) [link] 20-25 mHeath; user experience; LGBTQ; queer; healthcare; contextual design; social justice
2011 Beemyn, Brett Genny; Rankin, Susan The Lives of Transgender People book Columbia University Press [link]
2007 Beiriger, Angie; Jackson, Rose M. An Assessment of the Information Needs of Transgender Communities in Portland, Oregon journal article Public Library Quarterly [link] 26 1-2 45-60 transgender patrons; GLBT patrons; public libraries; needs assessment; surveys; collection development policies
2017 Beirl, Diana; Zeitlin, Anya; Chan, Jerald; Loh, Kai Ip Alvin; Zhong, Xiaodi GotYourBack: An Internet of Toilets for the Trans* Community conference paper Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems [link] 39-45 mobile technology; contextual technology; Internet of things; transgender
2021 Bennett, Cynthia L.; Gleason, Cole; Scheuerman, Morgan Klaus; Bigham, Jeffrey P.; Guo, Anhong; To, Alexandra "It's Complicated": Negotiating Accessibility and (Mis)Representation in Image Descriptions of Race, Gender, and Disability conference paper Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems [link] accessibility; AI; blind; image descriptions; disability; gender; race; wisual impairments
2016 Benotsch, Eric G.; Zimmerman, Rick S.; Cathers, Laurie; Heck, Ted; McNulty, Shawn; Pierce, Juan; Perrin, Paul B.; Snipes, Daniel J. Use of the Internet to Meet Sexual Partners, Sexual Risk Behavior, and Mental Health in Transgender Adults journal article Archives of Sexual Behavior [link] 45 3 597-605 transgender; Internet; sexual behavior; HIV; commercial sex work
2018 Berberick, Stephanie N. The Paradox of Trans Visibility: Interrogating the "Year of Trans Visibility" journal article Journal of Media Critiques [link] 123-144 transgender; social media; bathroom bill; internet activism; transgender representation; queer media; transgender tipping point; transgender visibility
2017 Berberick, Stephanie N. Undoing Heteroideological Narrative on YouTube: Trans Masculine Vloggers, Shifting Boides, and Uncategorizable Orientations thesis The Pennsylvania State University [link]
2018 Billard, Thomas J. Setting the transgender agenda: intermedia agenda-setting in the digital news environment journal article Politics, Groups, and Identities [link] transgender; intermedia; agenda-setting; digital journalism; content analysis; Granger causality
2020 Billard, Thomas J.; Abbott, Traci B.; Haimson, Oliver L.; Whipple, Kelsey N.; Whitestone, Stephenson Brooks; Zhang, Erique Rethinking (and Retheorizing) Transgender Media Representation: A Roundtable Discussion journal article International Journal of Communication [link] 14 4494-4507 transgender; visibility; representation; global media; cissexism
2022 Billard, Thomas J.; Zhang, Erique Toward a Transgender Critique of Media Representation journal article JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies [link] 61 2 194-199
2019 Billey, Amber; Drabinski, Emily Questioning Authority: Changing Library Cataloging Standards to Be More Inclusive to a Gender Identity Spectrum journal article TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly [link] 6 1 117-123 library catalog; gender identity; metadata; bibliographic record data
2015 Billingsley, Amy Technology and Narratives of Continuity in Transgender Experiences journal article Feminist Philosophy Quarterly [link] 1 1 narrative; technology; sexual reassignment surgery; gender transition; identity; Mark Johnson; transgender; transsexual; trans
2015 Bishop, Katelynn Body Modification and Trans Men: The Lived Realities of Gender Transition and Partner Intimacy journal article Body & Society [link] 22 1 62-91 body modification; desire; gender; male body; sexuality; transgender; transexuality
2015 Bivens, Rena The Gender Binary Will Not be Deprogrammed: Ten Years of Coding Gender on Facebook journal article New Media & Society [link] 19 6 880-898 advertising; application programming interface; code; database; gender binary; queer theory; software-user relationship; social media software; sociotechnical; transgender
2016 Bivens, Rena; Haimson, Oliver L. Baking Gender Into Social Media Design: How Platforms Shape Categories for Users and Advertisers journal article Social Media + Society [link] 2 4 1-12 categorization; social media platform; gender; ad targeting; software programming; identity
2018 Bivens, Rena; Hoque, Anna Shah Programming sex, gender, and sexuality: Infrastructural failures in the "feminist" dating app Bumble journal article Canadian Journal of Communication [link] 43 3 441-459 computer science; electronic culture (Internet-based); sociotechnical; feminism/gender; technology
2018 Blosnich, John R.; Cashy, John; Gordon, Adam J.; Shipherd, Jillian C.; Kauth, Michael R.; Brown, George R.; Fine, Michael J. Using clinician text notes in electronic medical record data to validate transgender-related diagnosis codes journal article Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association [link] 25 7 905-908
2018 Blotner, Charlie; Rajunov, Micah Engaging Transgender Patients: Using Social Media to Inform Medical Practice and Research in Transgender Health journal article Transgender Health [link] 3 1 225-228 transgender; barriers to care; community participatory research; social media; medical education
2019 Borck, C. Ray; Moore, Lisa Jean This is My Voice on T: Synthetic Testosterone, DIY Surveillance, and Transnormative Masculinity journal article Surveillance & Society [link] 17 5 631-640
2019 Brager, J. B. LiveJournal Made Me Gay: On forging a queer identity in the streams of early chat rooms and message boards. essay The Nib [link]
2017 Breslin, Samantha; Wadhwa, Bimlesh Gender and Human-Computer Interaction book chapter The Wiley Handbook of Human Computer Interaction [link] 71-87
2020 Bronstein, Carolyn Pornography, Trans Visibility, and the Demise of Tumblr journal article TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly [link] 7 2 240-254 trans visibility; Tumblr; pornography; not safe for work (NSFW); internet censorship
2017 Brown, Melissa; Ray, Rashawn; Summers, Ed; Fraistat, Neil #SayHerName: a case study of intersectional social media activism journal article Ethnic and Racial Studies [link] 40 11 1831-1846 #SayHerName; intersectionality; social media; activism; transgender; Black women; social movements
2019 Brulé, Emeline; Spiel, Katta Negotiating Gender and Disability Identities in Participatory Design conference paper Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Communities & Technologies [link] 218-227 identity; participants; participatory design; queer; disability; intersectionality; design; researchers
2020 Burtscher, Sabrina; Spiel, Katta "But where would I even start?": developing (gender) sensitivity in HCI research and practice conference paper Proceedings of the Conference on Mensch und Computer [link] 431-441 gender; sensitivity; methodology; intersectionality
2021 Burtscher, Sabrina; Spiel, Katta “Let’s Talk about Gender” – Development of a Card Deck on (Gender) Sensitivity in HCI Research and Practice Based on a Contrasting Literature Review journal article i-com [link] 85-103 gender; sensitivity; methodology; intersectionality
2020 Buss, Justin Trans Identity Management Across Social Media Platforms thesis University of Michigan [link]
2021 Buss, Justin; Le, Hayden; Haimson, Oliver L. Transgender identity management across social media platforms journal article Media, Culture & Society [link] LGBTQ+; nonbinary; online identity; online self-presentation; social media; social media ecosystem; transgender
2019 Byron, Paul; Robards, Brady; Hanckel, Benjamin; Vivienne, Son; Churchill, Brendan "Hey, I’m Having These Experiences": Tumblr Use and Young People’s Queer (Dis)connections journal article International Journal of Communication [link] 13 2239-2259 LGBT; social media; Tumblr; queer; young people; community; disconnection
2021 Cannon, Camilla Non-binary gender identity and algorithmic-psychometric marketing legibility journal article Feminist Media Studies [link] 1-17 transgender; surveillance; algorithms; non-binary gender; trans visibility
2017 Cannon, Yuliya; Speedlin, Stacy; Avera, Joe; Robertson, Derek; Ingram, Mercedes; Prado, Ashely Transition, Connection, Disconnection, and Social Media: Examining the Digital Lived Experiences of Transgender Individuals journal article Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling [link] 11 2 68-87 connection; counseling; disconnection; social media; transgender issues
2019 Cárdenas, Micha The Android Goddess Declaration: After Man(ifestos) book chapter Bodies of Information: Intersectional Feminism and the Digital Humanities (U of Minnesota Press)
2010 Cárdenas, Micha Becoming Dragon: A Transversal Technology Study journal article CTheory [link] code drift; art; media studies; technology; political science; philosophy; cultural studies; sociology; critical theory; economics
2017 Cárdenas, Micha Dark Shimmers: The rhythm of necropolitical affect in digital media book chapter Trap Door: Trans Cultural Production and the Politics of Visibility (The MIT Press) 161-181
2016 Cárdenas, Micha "Dilating Destiny": writing the transreal body through game design journal article Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media [link] 57
2010 Cárdenas, Micha I am Transreal: A reflection on/of Becoming Dragon book chapter Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation (Da Capo Press) 116-121
2022 Cárdenas, Micha Poetic Operations: Trans of Color Art in Digital Media book Duke University Press [link]
2015 Cárdenas, Micha Shifting Futures: Digital Trans of Color Praxis journal article Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, & Technology [link] 6
2011 Cárdenas, Micha The Transreal: Political Aesthetics of Crossing Realities book Atropos Press [link]
2010 Cárdenas, Micha; Fornssler, Barbara Trans Desire/Affective Cyborgs book Atropos Press [link]
2016 Cavalcante, Andre "I Did It All Online:" Transgender identity and the management of everyday life journal article Critical Studies in Media Communication [link] 33 1 109-122 transgender; Internet; queer; identity; everyday life
2018 Cavalcante, Andre Struggling for Ordinary: Media and Transgender Belonging in Everyday Life book NYU Press [link]
2018 Cavalcante, Andre Tumbling Into Queer Utopias and Vortexes: Experiences of LGBTQ Social Media Users on Tumblr journal article Journal of Homosexuality [link] 1-21 social media; queer; Tumblr; utopia; queer youth
2021 Cavar, Sarah; Baril, Alexandre Blogging to Counter Epistemic Injustice: Trans disabled digital micro-resistance journal article Disability Studies Quarterly [link] 41 2 trans people; disabled/Mad people; gender identity; cisgenderism; ableism; sanism; netnography; blogs; micro-activism
2019 Chen, Jian Neo Trans Exploits: Trans of Color Cultures and Technologies in Movement book Duke University Press [link]
2021 Chib, Arul; Ang, Ming Wei; Zheng, Yingqin; Nguyen, Hoan Subverted Agency: The Dilemmas of Disempowerment in Digital Practices journal article New Media & Society [link] empowerment; sex work; transgender; intersectionality; marginalized; digital
2020 Chib, Arul; Nguyen, Hoan; Lin, Daoyi Provocation as agentic practice: Gender performativity in online strategies of transgender sex workers journal article Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication [link] 1-17 agency; identity; internet; intersectionality; marginalization; performativity
2017 Cho, Alexander Default publicness: Queer youth of color, social media, and being outed by the machine journal article New Media & Society [link] 1-18 Facebook; LGBTQ; platform capitalism; privacy; queer; social media; Tumblr; Twitter; user experience; youth
2020 Chokly, Kit; Cooper, Jay; Debney, Oliver; Horak, Laura Transgender Media Portal Usability Test Report 2020 report [link]
2021 Chong, Toby; Maudet, Nolwenn; Harima, Katsuki; Igarashi, Takeo Exploring a Makeup Support System for Transgender Passing based on Automatic Gender Recognition conference paper Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems [link] Automatic Gender Recognition; machine learning; gender; transgender; inclusivity
2021 Chuanromanee, Tee; Metoyer, Ronald Transgender People's Technology Needs to Support Health and Transition conference paper Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems [link] transgender health; wellness; inclusive design; information management; gender dysphoria
2022 Cifor, Marika; Rawson, K.J. Mediating Queer and Trans Pasts: The Homosaurus as Queer Information Activism journal article Information, Communication & Society [link] 1-18 information activism; classification; queer; transgender
2017 Cipolletta, Sabrina; Votadoro, Riccardo; Faccio, Elena Online support for transgender people: an analysis of forums and social networks journal article Health & Social Care in the Community [link] 25 5 1542-551 computer-mediated communication; Internet, online communities; online support; qualitative method; transgender
2021 Ciszek, Erica; Haven, Paxton; Logan, Nneka Amplification and the limits of visibility: Complicating strategies of trans voice and representations on social media journal article New Media & Society [link] 1-21 amplification; transgender; visibility; voice
2019 Clarkson, Nicholas L. Incoherent Assemblages: Transgender Conflicts in US Security journal article Surveillance & Society [link] 17 5 618-630
2017 Coker, Michael C. Transitioning Online: A Study of the Transgender Community's Digital Evolution and Self-Portrayal Practices in an Online Setting thesis Texas State University [link]
2018 Conway, Lynn The Disappeared: Beyond Winning and Losing journal article Computer [link] 51 10 66-73
2020 Costanza-Chock, Sasha Design Justice: Community-Led Practices to Build the Worlds We Need book MIT Press [link]
2018 Costanza-Chock, Sasha Design Justice, A.I., and Escape from the Matrix of Domination journal article Journal of Design and Science [link] 3.5
2017 Costanza-Chock, Sasha; Schweidler, Chris; Transformative Media Organizing Project Toward transformative media organizing: LGBTQ and Two-Spirit media work in the United States journal article Media, Culture & Society [link] 39 2 159-184 community organizing; cross-platform; intersectionality; LGBTQ; media activism; queer; social movements; transformative; transmedia; Two-Spirit
2018 Cover, Rob Emergent Identities: New Sexualities, Genders and Relationships in a Digital Era book Routledge [link]
2020 Craig, Shelley L.; Eaton, Andrew D.; McInroy, Lauren B.; D'Souza, Sandra A.; Krishnan, Sreedevi; Wells, Gordon A.; Twum-Siaw, Lloyd; Leung, Vivian W.Y. Navigating negativity: a grounded theory and integrative mixed methods investigation of how sexual and gender minority youth cope with negative comments online journal article Psychology & Sexuality [link] 11 3 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth; grounded theory; social media; online negativity and microaggressions; coping
2021 Craig, Shelley L.; Eaton, Andrew D.; McInroy, Lauren B.; Leung, Vivian W.Y.; Krishnan, Sreedevi Can Social Media Participation Enhance LGBTQ+ Youth Well-Being? Development of the Social Media Benefits Scale journal article Social Media + Society [link] 1-13 LGBTQ+ youth; well-being; social media; factor analysis; scale development
2017 Craig, Shelley L.; McInroy, Lauren B.; D'Souza, Sandra A.; Austin, Ashley; McCready, Lance T.; Eaton, Andrew D.; Shade, Leslie R.; Wagaman, M. Alex Influence of Information and Communication Technologies on the Resilience and Coping of Sexual and Gender Minority Youth in the United States and Canada (Project #Queery): Mixed Methods Survey journal article JMIR Research Protocols [link] 6 9 mixed methods; survey; grounded theory; sexuality; LGBTQ; gender; sexual orientation; gay; transgender; youth; Internet; online; information and communication technologies
2011 Currah, Paisley; Mulqueen, Tara Securitizing Gender: Identity, Biometrics, and Transgender Bodies at the Airport journal article Social Research [link] 78 2 557-582 gender identity; transgenderism; airports; passengers; airport security; securitization; social research; surveillance; government issued identification
2016 D'Ignazio, Catherine A Primer on Non-Binary Gender and Big Data essay MIT Center for Civic Media [link]
2013 Dame, Avery "I'm your hero? Like me?": The role of 'expert' in the trans male vlog journal article Journal of Language and Sexuality [link] 2 1 40-69 transgender; ftm; vlog; expert discourse; expertise; YouTube; sociolinguistics
2016 Dame, Avery Making a name for yourself: tagging as transgender ontological practice on Tumblr journal article Critical Studies in Media Communication [link] 33 1 23-37 Tumblr; networked publics; transgender; tags; folksonomy
2016 Dame, Avery Phelan Mapping the Territory: Archiving the Trans Website in an Age of Search journal article TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly [link] 3 3-4 628-636 transgender; website; archive; algorithm; home page
2017 Dame, Avery Talk Amongst Yourselves: Conceptions of “Community” in Transgender Counterpublic Discourse Online, 1990-2014 thesis University of Maryland [link]
2019 Dame-Griff, Avery Herding the 'Performing Elephants:' Using Computational Methods to Study Usenet journal article Internet Histories [link] 3 3-4 223-224 Usenet; transgender; cisgender; digital history; web history
2021 Dame-Griff, Avery How the bulletin board systems, email lists and Geocities pages of the early internet created a place for trans youth to find one another and explore coming out essay The Conversation [link]
2020 Dame-Griff, Avery P. Trans Cultures Online book chapter The International Encyclopedia of Gender, Media, and Communication (Wiley) [link]
2017 Darwin, Helana Doing Gender Beyond the Binary: A Virtual Ethnography journal article Symbolic Interaction [link] 40 3 317-334 Reddit; virtual ethnography; genderqueer; transgender; nonbinary
2014 De Las Casas, Diego Couto; Magno, Gabriel; Cunha, Evandro; Gonçalves, Marcos André; Cambraia, César; Almeida, Virgilio Noticing the other gender on Google+ conference paper Proceedings of the 2014 ACM conference on Web science - WebSci '14 [link] 156-160 online social networks; gender issues; Google+
2022 Delmonaco, Daniel; Haimson, Oliver L. "Nothing that I was specifically looking for": LGBTQ + youth and intentional sexual health information seeking journal article Journal of LGBT Youth [link] 1-18 information seeking; social media; LGBTQ + youth; sexual health
2016 Deutsch, Madeline B. Evaluation of Patient-Oriented, Internet-Based Information on Gender-Affirming Hormone Treatments journal article LGBT Health [link] 3 3 200-207 evaluation; hormones; Internet; patient education; transgender
2013 Deutsch, Madeline B.; Green, Jamison; Keatley, JoAnne; Mayer, Gal; Hastings, Jennifer; Hall, Alexandra M. Electronic medical records and the transgender patient: recommendations from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health EMR Working Group journal article Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association [link] 20 4 700-703
2022 DeVito, Michael Ann How Transfeminine TikTok Creators Navigate the Algorithmic Trap of Visibility Via Folk Theorization journal article Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction [link] CSCW transgender; transfeminine; folk theories; TikTok; content creation; content moderation; harassment
2020 DeVito, Michael Ann Presenting the Self on Unstable Ground: Adaptive Folk Theorization as a Path to Algorithmic Literacy on Changing Platforms thesis Northwestern University [link]
2021 DeVito, Michael Ann; Walker, Ashley Marie; Fernandez, Julia R. Values (Mis)alignment: Exploring Tensions Between Platform and LGBTQ+ Community Design Values journal article Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction [link] 5 CSCW1 design values; value-sensitive design; online communities; LGBTQ+; Queer HCI; social media; platforms; anxiety
2020 Dowers, Eden; Kingsley, Jonathan; White, Carolynne Virtually Trans: an Australian Facebook group supporting gender diverse adults’ health and wellbeing journal article Health Promotion International [link] 1-12 gender; transgender persons; social networks; social support
2022 Dowshen, Nadia; Lett, Elle Telehealth for Gender-Affirming Care: Challenges and Opportunities journal article Transgender Health [link] 7 2 111-112
2017 Drake, Aubri A.; Bielefield, Arlene Equitable access: Information seeking behavior, information needs, and necessary library accommodations for transgender patrons journal article Library & Information Science Research [link] 39 3 160-168
2021 Du Mont, Janice; Kosa, Sarah Daisy; Friedman Burley, Joseph; Macdonald, Sheila Development of a WebPortal to Advance and Mobilize Knowledge Relevant to Trans-Affirming Care for Sexual Assault Survivors in Ontario, Canada journal article Transgender Health [link] intersectoral; knowledge mobilization; network; online; sexual assault; transgender
2018 Dym, Brianna; Brubaker, Jed; Fiesler, Casey "theyre all trans sharon": Authoring Gender in Video Game Fan Fiction journal article Game Studies [link] 18 3 fan fiction; discourse analysis; transgender identity; LGBTQ; folksonomy; archive of our own; queer game studies
2019 Dym, Brianna; Brubaker, Jed R.; Fiesler, Casey; Semaan, Bryan "Coming Out Okay": Community Narratives for LGBTQ Identity Recovery Work journal article Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction [link] 3 CSCW LGBTQ; fandom; fanfiction; visuality; trauma and recovery
2018 Eckstein, Ace J. Out of Sync: Complex Temporality in Transgender Men's YouTube Transition Channels journal article QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking [link] 5 1 24-47
2014 Eckstein, Ace Jordan Documenting Transition, Transforming Gender: the Worldmaking Work of Trans Men on Youtube thesis University of Colorado [link]
2019 Edenfield, Avery C. Queering consent: design and sexual consent messaging journal article Communication Design Quarterly [link] 7 2 50-63 queer theory; design; DIY; sexual consent; tactical technical communication
2010 Ekins, Richard; King, Dave The Emergence of New Transgendering Identities in the Age of the Internet book chapter Transgender Identities (Taylor & Francis) [link] 25-42
2018 Erlick, Eli Trans Youth Activism on the Internet journal article Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies [link] 39 1 73-92 transgenderism; gender identity; people of color; online communities; LGBT; queer studies; educational resources; websites; cultural identity; gay communities
2017 Evans, Yolanda N.; Gridley, Samantha J.; Crouch, Julia; Wang, Alicia; Moreno, Megan A.; Ahrens, Kym; Breland, David J. Understanding Online Resource Use by Transgender Youth and Caregivers: A Qualitative Study journal article Transgender Health [link] 2 1 129-139 adolescents; health information; Internet; online resource; social network; transgender
2022 Everhart, Avery R.; Ferguson, Laura; Wilson, John P. Construction and validation of a spatial database of providers of transgender hormone therapy in the US journal article Social Science & Medicine [link] transgender communities; transgender health services; spatial databases; spatial accessibility
2017 Farber, Rebecca 'Transing' fitness and remapping transgender male masculinity in online message boards journal article Journal of Gender Studies [link] 26 3 254-268 sex; gender; embodiment; fitness; virtual technologies
2014 Farnel, Megan Kickstarting trans*: The crowdfunding of gender/sexual reassignment surgeries journal article New Media & Society [link] 17 2 215-230 aesthetics; affect; Ashley Altadonna; crowdfunding; crowds; Donnie Collins; embodiment; gender reassignment; Indiegogo; Kickstarter; publics; Shakina Nayfack; transgender; YouCaring
2010 Farr, Daniel A Very Personal World: Advertisement and Identity of Trans-persons on Craigslist book chapter LGBT Identity and Online New Media (Taylor & Francis) [link]
2019 Fernandez, Julia R.; Birnholtz, Jeremy "I Don't Want Them to Not Know": Investigating Decisions to Disclose Transgender Identity on Dating Platforms journal article Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction [link] 3 CSCW self-disclosure; self-presentation; stigma; transgender; gender identity; online dating; privacy
2014 Fink, Marty; Miller, Quinn Trans Media Moments Tumblr, 2011–2013 journal article Television & New Media [link] 15 7 611-626 transgender; Tumblr; new media; sexuality; queer; blog
2016 Fischer, Mia #Free_CeCe: The material convergence of social media activism journal article Feminist Media Studies [link] 16 5 755-771 CeCe McDonald; transgender; social media; convergence; social justice activism; ethnography
2018 Fischer, Mia; Haimson, Oliver L.; Rios, Carmen; Shaw, Adrienne; Thakor, Mitali; Gieseking, Jen Jack; Cockayne, Daniel A conversation: Queer digital media resources and research journal article First Monday [link] 23 7
2019 Fisher, Jessica Transgender Digital Embodiments: Questions of the Transgender Body in the 21st Century thesis Kennesaw State University [link]
2021 Floegel, Diana Investigating Structural Articulations of Power in Information Creation: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study of Queer-Created Fanfiction thesis Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey [link]
2021 Floegel, Diana Porn bans, purges, and rebirths: the biopolitics of platform death in queer fandoms journal article Internet Histories [link] 1-23 queer; transformative fandom; biopower; biopolitics; Archive of Our Own; Discord
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