This is a working list of research literature at the intersection of (transgender and/or non-binary people) and (digital technology; digital, online, and social media; sociotechnical systems; and the Internet), compiled by Oliver Haimson. Please email me with additions (published 2022 or earlier), and I will add them to the list.

Note: I have decided to stop updating this list with publications after 2022. Mainly, this is because this research area has grown so much in recent years that it is impossible to keep up! I think this is a good thing :). If you would like to take over the maintenance of this site, please get in touch!

Disclaimer: I have read many but not all of these pieces, and while many of them are respectful to trans people, some are not; yet I include them here for the sake of completeness.

Inclusion criteria: While most of this work is trans-specific, the list includes research about LGBTQ people broadly if more than 25% of participants are trans and/or non-binary, or if the work is particularly focused on trans issues. The list only includes English language work at this time.

Other resources: While this list includes some work about trans people and digital media, for a more complete list of trans media studies research please see Thomas J. Billard's Bibliography of Transgender Media Studies. For a list of queer scholarship in HCI, please see Gopinaath Kannabiran's Queer HCI list.

First published: January 1, 2018       Last updated: August 11, 2023

Year Author(s) Title Item Type Publication / Publisher URL Volume Issue Pages Author Keywords
2021 Acena, Dane; Freeman, Guo "In My Safe Space": Social Support for LGBTQ Users in Social Virtual Reality conference paper Extended Abstracts of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems [link] social virtual reality; social VR; online social support; LGBTQ
2019 Adair, Cassius Delete Yr Account: Speculations on Trans Digital Lives and the Anti-Archival essay Digital Research Ethics Collaboratory [link]
2017 Adair, Cassius The Misrecognition You Can Bear thesis University of Michigan [link] recognition; identification; documentation; transgender; trans; gender variance; racialized; marginalized
2018 Adkins, Victoria; Masters, Ellie; Shumer, Daniel; Selkie, Ellen Exploring Transgender Adolescents' Use of Social Media for Support and Health Information Seeking conference paper Journal of Adolescent Health [link] 62 2 S44
2013 Adler, Melissa Gender Expression in a Small World: Social Tagging of Transgender-themed Books conference paper Proceedings of the 76th ASIS&T Annual Meeting [link] 52:1–52:8 tagging; folksonomies; gender; transgender; genderqueer; small worlds
2018 Ahmed, Alex Beyond diversity magazine article Communications of the ACM [link] 61 7 30-32
2020 Ahmed, Alex A. Community-based Design of Open Source Software for Transgender Voice Training thesis Northeastern University [link]
2018 Ahmed, Alex A. Trans Competent Interaction Design: A Qualitative Study on Voice, Identity, and Technology journal article Interacting with Computers [link] 30 1 53-71 interaction design process and methods; health informatics; gender; feminism
2018 Ahmed, Alex A.; Hoffmann, Anna Lauren Configuring the trans voice: Gender, race, and class in mobile voice training apps for transgender people conference paper AoIR 2018 [link]
2020 Ahmed, Alex A.; Kok, Bryan; Howard, Coranna; Still, Klew Online Community-based Design of Free and Open Source Software for Transgender Voice Training journal article Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction [link] 4 CSCW3 258:1–258:27 community-based collaborative design; free and open source software; transgender; feminist epistemologies; autoethnography
2021 Albert, Kendra; Delano, Maggie "This Whole Thing Smacks of Gender": Algorithmic Exclusion in Bioimpedance-based Body Composition Analysis conference paper Proceedings of the 2021 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency [link] 342-352 data collection and curation; sex/gender; bioelectrical impedance analysis; body composition; critical data/algorithm studies; science and technology studies; critical HCI and the design of algorithmic systems
2022 Albert, Kendra; Delano, Maggie Sex trouble: Sex/gender slippage, sex confusion, and sex obsession in machine learning using electronic health records journal paper Patterns [link] 3 8
2020 Albury, Kath; Dietzel, Christopher; Pym, Tinonee; Vivienne, Son; Cook, Teddy Not your unicorn: trans dating app users’ negotiations of personal safety and sexual health journal article Health Sociology Review [link] 1-15 dating apps; trans people; sexual health; safety; digital intimacies
2021 Allen, Brittany J.; Stratman, Zoe E.; Kerr, Bradley R.; Zhao, Qianqian; Moreno, Megan A. Associations Between Psychosocial Measures and Digital Media Use Among Transgender Youth: Cross-sectional Study journal article JMIR Pediatrics and Parenting [link] 4 3 transgender person; internet; sex and gender minorities; well-being; adolescent; mobile phone
2022 Allen, Brittany J.; Stratman, Zoe E.; Kerr, Bradley R.; Zhao, Qianqian; Moreno, Megan A. Problematic Internet Use and Technology Interactions Among Transgender Adolescents journal article Transgender Health [link] adolescent; digital media; gender identity; internet; technology; transgender persons
2022 Amm, Han Medicalizing Me Softly: An Autoethnography of Refusal thesis Lund University [link]
2019 Anderson, Heather Lynn Rural Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Individuals' Experiences With Social Media During Adolescence thesis Walden University [link]
2022 Apple, Danielle E.; Lett, Elle; Wood, Sarah; Freeman Babe, Kari; Chuo, John; Schwartz, Lisa A.; Petsis, Danielle; Faust, Haley; Dowshen, Nadia Acceptability of Telehealth for Gender-Affirming Care in Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth and Their Caregivers journal article Transgender Health [link] 7 2 159-164 adolescence; gender-affirming care; gender diverse; telehealth; transgender
2019 Armstrong, Tommaso; Leong, Tuck Wah SNS and the Lived Experiences of Queer Youth conference paper Proceedings of the 2019 Australian Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (OZCHI) [link] queer; LGBTQIA+; lived experiences; SNS
2021 Ashley, Florence Recommendations for Institutional and Governmental Management of Gender Information journal article NYU Review of Law & Social Change [link] 44 4 489-528
2020 Augustaitis, Taika Online Transgender Health Information Seeking: Facilitators, Barriers, and Future Directions thesis University of Michigan [link]
2021 Augustaitis, Taika; Merrill, Leland A.; Gamarel, Kristi E.; Haimson, Oliver L. Online Transgender Health Information Seeking: Facilitators, Barriers, and Future Directions conference paper Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems [link] online health information seeking; social media; health; online communities; misinformation; content moderation; privacy; transgender; nonbinary
2021 Baeza Argüello, Saul; Wakkary, Ron; Andersen, Kristina; Tomico, Oscar Exploring the Potential of Apple Face ID as a Drag, Queer and Trans Technology Design Tool conference paper Proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems Conference [link] 1654–1667 Apple Face ID; drag; queer; trans technology; facial recognition; biometric artificial intelligence; identity; gender; race; digital identity; identity expression; multiple identities
2021 Bailey, Moya Misogynoir Transformed: Black Women’s Digital Resistance book NYU Press [link]
2022 Baldino, Janine N.; Lodge, Evans K.; Lahlou, Rita M. Assessment of a Student-Run Free Gender-Affirming Care Clinic's Transition to Telehealth journal article Transgender Health [link] 7 2 175-178 barriers; gender affirming; student-run; telehealth; transition to telehealth
2022 Barcelos, Chris The Affective Politics of Care in Trans Crowdfunding journal article TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly [link] 9 1 28-43 crowdfunding; care labor; care politics; affect; t4t
2015 Barnett, Joshua Trey Fleshy Metamorphosis: Temporal Pedagogies of Transsexual Counterpublics book chapter Transgender Communication Studies: Histories, Trends, and Trajectories (Lexington Books) 155-169
2014 Beach, Jesse Open source, open heart magazine article XRDS: Crossroads, The ACM Magazine for Students [link] 20 4 24-27
2017 Beare, Zachary C.; Stone, Melissa M. By Queer People, For Queer People: FOLX, Plume, and the Promise of Queer UX conference paper Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Design of Communication (SIGDOC) [link] 20-25 mHeath; user experience; LGBTQ; queer; healthcare; contextual design; social justice
2011 Beemyn, Brett Genny; Rankin, Susan The Lives of Transgender People book Columbia University Press [link]
2007 Beiriger, Angie; Jackson, Rose M. An Assessment of the Information Needs of Transgender Communities in Portland, Oregon journal article Public Library Quarterly [link] 26 1-2 45-60 transgender patrons; GLBT patrons; public libraries; needs assessment; surveys; collection development policies
2017 Beirl, Diana; Zeitlin, Anya; Chan, Jerald; Loh, Kai Ip Alvin; Zhong, Xiaodi GotYourBack: An Internet of Toilets for the Trans* Community conference paper Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems [link] 39-45 mobile technology; contextual technology; Internet of things; transgender
2021 Bennett, Cynthia L.; Gleason, Cole; Scheuerman, Morgan Klaus; Bigham, Jeffrey P.; Guo, Anhong; To, Alexandra "It's Complicated": Negotiating Accessibility and (Mis)Representation in Image Descriptions of Race, Gender, and Disability conference paper Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems [link] accessibility; AI; blind; image descriptions; disability; gender; race; wisual impairments
2016 Benotsch, Eric G.; Zimmerman, Rick S.; Cathers, Laurie; Heck, Ted; McNulty, Shawn; Pierce, Juan; Perrin, Paul B.; Snipes, Daniel J. Use of the Internet to Meet Sexual Partners, Sexual Risk Behavior, and Mental Health in Transgender Adults journal article Archives of Sexual Behavior [link] 45 3 597-605 transgender; Internet; sexual behavior; HIV; commercial sex work
2018 Berberick, Stephanie N. The Paradox of Trans Visibility: Interrogating the "Year of Trans Visibility" journal article Journal of Media Critiques [link] 123-144 transgender; social media; bathroom bill; internet activism; transgender representation; queer media; transgender tipping point; transgender visibility
2017 Berberick, Stephanie N. Undoing Heteroideological Narrative on YouTube: Trans Masculine Vloggers, Shifting Boides, and Uncategorizable Orientations thesis The Pennsylvania State University [link]
2018 Billard, Thomas J. Setting the transgender agenda: intermedia agenda-setting in the digital news environment journal article Politics, Groups, and Identities [link] transgender; intermedia; agenda-setting; digital journalism; content analysis; Granger causality
2020 Billard, Thomas J.; Abbott, Traci B.; Haimson, Oliver L.; Whipple, Kelsey N.; Whitestone, Stephenson Brooks; Zhang, Erique Rethinking (and Retheorizing) Transgender Media Representation: A Roundtable Discussion journal article International Journal of Communication [link] 14 4494-4507 transgender; visibility; representation; global media; cissexism
2022 Billard, Thomas J.; Zhang, Erique Toward a Transgender Critique of Media Representation journal article JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies [link] 61 2 194-199
2019 Billey, Amber; Drabinski, Emily Questioning Authority: Changing Library Cataloging Standards to Be More Inclusive to a Gender Identity Spectrum journal article TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly [link] 6 1 117-123 library catalog; gender identity; metadata; bibliographic record data
2015 Billingsley, Amy Technology and Narratives of Continuity in Transgender Experiences journal article Feminist Philosophy Quarterly [link] 1 1 narrative; technology; sexual reassignment surgery; gender transition; identity; Mark Johnson; transgender; transsexual; trans
2015 Bishop, Katelynn Body Modification and Trans Men: The Lived Realities of Gender Transition and Partner Intimacy journal article Body & Society [link] 22 1 62-91 body modification; desire; gender; male body; sexuality; transgender; transexuality
2015 Bivens, Rena The Gender Binary Will Not be Deprogrammed: Ten Years of Coding Gender on Facebook journal article New Media & Society [link] 19 6 880-898 advertising; application programming interface; code; database; gender binary; queer theory; software-user relationship; social media software; sociotechnical; transgender
2016 Bivens, Rena; Haimson, Oliver L. Baking Gender Into Social Media Design: How Platforms Shape Categories for Users and Advertisers journal article Social Media + Society [link] 2 4 1-12 categorization; social media platform; gender; ad targeting; software programming; identity
2018 Bivens, Rena; Hoque, Anna Shah Programming sex, gender, and sexuality: Infrastructural failures in the "feminist" dating app Bumble journal article Canadian Journal of Communication [link] 43 3 441-459 computer science; electronic culture (Internet-based); sociotechnical; feminism/gender; technology
2018 Blosnich, John R.; Cashy, John; Gordon, Adam J.; Shipherd, Jillian C.; Kauth, Michael R.; Brown, George R.; Fine, Michael J. Using clinician text notes in electronic medical record data to validate transgender-related diagnosis codes journal article Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association [link] 25 7 905-908
2018 Blotner, Charlie; Rajunov, Micah Engaging Transgender Patients: Using Social Media to Inform Medical Practice and Research in Transgender Health journal article Transgender Health [link] 3 1 225-228 transgender; barriers to care; community participatory research; social media; medical education
2022 Bolesnikov, Adrian Wearable Identities: Understanding Wearables’ Potential for Supporting the Expression of Queer Identities thesis Carleton University [link]
2019 Borck, C. Ray; Moore, Lisa Jean This is My Voice on T: Synthetic Testosterone, DIY Surveillance, and Transnormative Masculinity journal article Surveillance & Society [link] 17 5 631-640
2022 Bossio, Juan; Diez, Illari Digital Communication to Tackle Invisibility: A Project to Enhance Communication Capacities of Transmale Organizations in Peru and Central America conference paper Proceedings of International Conference on Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries [link] 555-565 transmasculine; FTM; community organizations; social media; capacity building
2019 Brager, J. B. LiveJournal Made Me Gay: On forging a queer identity in the streams of early chat rooms and message boards. essay The Nib [link]
2017 Breslin, Samantha; Wadhwa, Bimlesh Gender and Human-Computer Interaction book chapter The Wiley Handbook of Human Computer Interaction [link] 71-87
2020 Bronstein, Carolyn Pornography, Trans Visibility, and the Demise of Tumblr journal article TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly [link] 7 2 240-254 trans visibility; Tumblr; pornography; not safe for work (NSFW); internet censorship
2017 Brown, Melissa; Ray, Rashawn; Summers, Ed; Fraistat, Neil #SayHerName: a case study of intersectional social media activism journal article Ethnic and Racial Studies [link] 40 11 1831-1846 #SayHerName; intersectionality; social media; activism; transgender; Black women; social movements
2019 Brulé, Emeline; Spiel, Katta Negotiating Gender and Disability Identities in Participatory Design conference paper Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Communities & Technologies [link] 218-227 identity; participants; participatory design; queer; disability; intersectionality; design; researchers
2020 Burtscher, Sabrina; Spiel, Katta "But where would I even start?": developing (gender) sensitivity in HCI research and practice conference paper Proceedings of the Conference on Mensch und Computer [link] 431-441 gender; sensitivity; methodology; intersectionality
2021 Burtscher, Sabrina; Spiel, Katta “Let’s Talk about Gender” – Development of a Card Deck on (Gender) Sensitivity in HCI Research and Practice Based on a Contrasting Literature Review journal article i-com [link] 85-103 gender; sensitivity; methodology; intersectionality
2020 Buss, Justin Trans Identity Management Across Social Media Platforms thesis University of Michigan [link]
2021 Buss, Justin; Le, Hayden; Haimson, Oliver L. Transgender identity management across social media platforms journal article Media, Culture & Society [link] LGBTQ+; nonbinary; online identity; online self-presentation; social media; social media ecosystem; transgender
2019 Byron, Paul; Robards, Brady; Hanckel, Benjamin; Vivienne, Son; Churchill, Brendan "Hey, I’m Having These Experiences": Tumblr Use and Young People’s Queer (Dis)connections journal article International Journal of Communication [link] 13 2239-2259 LGBT; social media; Tumblr; queer; young people; community; disconnection
2021 Cannon, Camilla Non-binary gender identity and algorithmic-psychometric marketing legibility journal article Feminist Media Studies [link] 1-17 transgender; surveillance; algorithms; non-binary gender; trans visibility
2017 Cannon, Yuliya; Speedlin, Stacy; Avera, Joe; Robertson, Derek; Ingram, Mercedes; Prado, Ashely Transition, Connection, Disconnection, and Social Media: Examining the Digital Lived Experiences of Transgender Individuals journal article Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling [link] 11 2 68-87 connection; counseling; disconnection; social media; transgender issues
2019 Cárdenas, Micha The Android Goddess Declaration: After Man(ifestos) book chapter Bodies of Information: Intersectional Feminism and the Digital Humanities (U of Minnesota Press)
2010 Cárdenas, Micha Becoming Dragon: A Transversal Technology Study journal article CTheory [link] code drift; art; media studies; technology; political science; philosophy; cultural studies; sociology; critical theory; economics
2017 Cárdenas, Micha Dark Shimmers: The rhythm of necropolitical affect in digital media book chapter Trap Door: Trans Cultural Production and the Politics of Visibility (The MIT Press) 161-181
2016 Cárdenas, Micha "Dilating Destiny": writing the transreal body through game design journal article Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media [link] 57
2010 Cárdenas, Micha I am Transreal: A reflection on/of Becoming Dragon book chapter Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation (Da Capo Press) 116-121
2022 Cárdenas, Micha Poetic Operations: Trans of Color Art in Digital Media book Duke University Press [link]
2015 Cárdenas, Micha Shifting Futures: Digital Trans of Color Praxis journal article Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, & Technology [link] 6
2011 Cárdenas, Micha The Transreal: Political Aesthetics of Crossing Realities book Atropos Press [link]
2010 Cárdenas, Micha; Fornssler, Barbara Trans Desire/Affective Cyborgs book Atropos Press [link]
2016 Cavalcante, Andre "I Did It All Online:" Transgender identity and the management of everyday life journal article Critical Studies in Media Communication [link] 33 1 109-122 transgender; Internet; queer; identity; everyday life
2018 Cavalcante, Andre Struggling for Ordinary: Media and Transgender Belonging in Everyday Life book NYU Press [link]
2018 Cavalcante, Andre Tumbling Into Queer Utopias and Vortexes: Experiences of LGBTQ Social Media Users on Tumblr journal article Journal of Homosexuality [link] 1-21 social media; queer; Tumblr; utopia; queer youth
2021 Cavar, Sarah; Baril, Alexandre Blogging to Counter Epistemic Injustice: Trans disabled digital micro-resistance journal article Disability Studies Quarterly [link] 41 2 trans people; disabled/Mad people; gender identity; cisgenderism; ableism; sanism; netnography; blogs; micro-activism
2022 Chandra, Shiva; Hanckel, Benjamin ‘I wouldn't want my family to cop anything’: examining the family of origin and its place in LGBTQIA+ young people’s social media practices journal article Journal of Youth Studies [link] 1-16 digital practices; families; LGBT; queer; social media; wellbeing
2019 Chen, Jian Neo Trans Exploits: Trans of Color Cultures and Technologies in Movement book Duke University Press [link]
2020 Chiang, Taylor; Bachmann, Gloria A. TranZap: A Transgender Resource for Identifying Gender-Affirming Providers journal article Sexual Medicine Reviews [link] 10 4 632-635 transgender healthcare; healthcare app; transgender; genderqueer; non-binary
2021 Chib, Arul; Ang, Ming Wei; Zheng, Yingqin; Nguyen, Hoan Subverted Agency: The Dilemmas of Disempowerment in Digital Practices journal article New Media & Society [link] empowerment; sex work; transgender; intersectionality; marginalized; digital
2020 Chib, Arul; Nguyen, Hoan; Lin, Daoyi Provocation as agentic practice: Gender performativity in online strategies of transgender sex workers journal article Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication [link] 1-17 agency; identity; internet; intersectionality; marginalization; performativity
2017 Cho, Alexander Default publicness: Queer youth of color, social media, and being outed by the machine journal article New Media & Society [link] 1-18 Facebook; LGBTQ; platform capitalism; privacy; queer; social media; Tumblr; Twitter; user experience; youth
2022 Chokly, Catherine Trans*Mediation: Exploring Trans Experience Beyond the Mirror of Representation thesis Carleton University [link]
2020 Chokly, Kit; Cooper, Jay; Debney, Oliver; Horak, Laura Transgender Media Portal Usability Test Report 2020 report [link]
2021 Chong, Toby; Maudet, Nolwenn; Harima, Katsuki; Igarashi, Takeo Exploring a Makeup Support System for Transgender Passing based on Automatic Gender Recognition conference paper Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems [link] Automatic Gender Recognition; machine learning; gender; transgender; inclusivity
2021 Chuanromanee, Tee; Metoyer, Ronald Transgender People's Technology Needs to Support Health and Transition conference paper Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems [link] transgender health; wellness; inclusive design; information management; gender dysphoria
2022 Chuanromanee, Tee; Metoyer, Ronald Designing the Trans Experience: Technology and Common Gender Transition Narratives conference paper Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS) 2022 Companion [link] gender transition; health tracking; trans technology
2022 Cifor, Marika; Rawson, K.J. Mediating Queer and Trans Pasts: The Homosaurus as Queer Information Activism journal article Information, Communication & Society [link] 1-18 information activism; classification; queer; transgender
2017 Cipolletta, Sabrina; Votadoro, Riccardo; Faccio, Elena Online support for transgender people: an analysis of forums and social networks journal article Health & Social Care in the Community [link] 25 5 1542-551 computer-mediated communication; Internet, online communities; online support; qualitative method; transgender
2021 Ciszek, Erica; Haven, Paxton; Logan, Nneka Amplification and the limits of visibility: Complicating strategies of trans voice and representations on social media journal article New Media & Society [link] 1-21 amplification; transgender; visibility; voice
2019 Clarkson, Nicholas L. Incoherent Assemblages: Transgender Conflicts in US Security journal article Surveillance & Society [link] 17 5 618-630
2017 Coker, Michael C. Transitioning Online: A Study of the Transgender Community's Digital Evolution and Self-Portrayal Practices in an Online Setting thesis Texas State University [link]
2018 Conway, Lynn The Disappeared: Beyond Winning and Losing journal article Computer [link] 51 10 66-73
2020 Costanza-Chock, Sasha Design Justice: Community-Led Practices to Build the Worlds We Need book MIT Press [link]
2018 Costanza-Chock, Sasha Design Justice, A.I., and Escape from the Matrix of Domination journal article Journal of Design and Science [link] 3.5
2017 Costanza-Chock, Sasha; Schweidler, Chris; Transformative Media Organizing Project Toward transformative media organizing: LGBTQ and Two-Spirit media work in the United States journal article Media, Culture & Society [link] 39 2 159-184 community organizing; cross-platform; intersectionality; LGBTQ; media activism; queer; social movements; transformative; transmedia; Two-Spirit
2018 Cover, Rob Emergent Identities: New Sexualities, Genders and Relationships in a Digital Era book Routledge [link]
2020 Craig, Shelley L.; Eaton, Andrew D.; McInroy, Lauren B.; D'Souza, Sandra A.; Krishnan, Sreedevi; Wells, Gordon A.; Twum-Siaw, Lloyd; Leung, Vivian W.Y. Navigating negativity: a grounded theory and integrative mixed methods investigation of how sexual and gender minority youth cope with negative comments online journal article Psychology & Sexuality [link] 11 3 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth; grounded theory; social media; online negativity and microaggressions; coping
2021 Craig, Shelley L.; Eaton, Andrew D.; McInroy, Lauren B.; Leung, Vivian W.Y.; Krishnan, Sreedevi Can Social Media Participation Enhance LGBTQ+ Youth Well-Being? Development of the Social Media Benefits Scale journal article Social Media + Society [link] 1-13 LGBTQ+ youth; well-being; social media; factor analysis; scale development
2017 Craig, Shelley L.; McInroy, Lauren B.; D'Souza, Sandra A.; Austin, Ashley; McCready, Lance T.; Eaton, Andrew D.; Shade, Leslie R.; Wagaman, M. Alex Influence of Information and Communication Technologies on the Resilience and Coping of Sexual and Gender Minority Youth in the United States and Canada (Project #Queery): Mixed Methods Survey journal article JMIR Research Protocols [link] 6 9 mixed methods; survey; grounded theory; sexuality; LGBTQ; gender; sexual orientation; gay; transgender; youth; Internet; online; information and communication technologies
2022 Crone, Cassandra L.; Chamberlin, Grace; Aspinall, Kyle; Patil, Gaurav; Richardson, Michael J.; Kallen, Rachel W. Embodied Virtual Interactions: What Does Equity Mean to You? Preliminary Results for the Impact of Transgender Avatar Embodiment on Empathy conference paper Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction [link] embodiment; human-virtual agent interaction; virtual reality; virtually-mediated perspective taking
2011 Currah, Paisley; Mulqueen, Tara Securitizing Gender: Identity, Biometrics, and Transgender Bodies at the Airport journal article Social Research [link] 78 2 557-582 gender identity; transgenderism; airports; passengers; airport security; securitization; social research; surveillance; government issued identification
2016 D'Ignazio, Catherine A Primer on Non-Binary Gender and Big Data essay MIT Center for Civic Media [link]
2013 Dame, Avery "I'm your hero? Like me?": The role of 'expert' in the trans male vlog journal article Journal of Language and Sexuality [link] 2 1 40-69 transgender; ftm; vlog; expert discourse; expertise; YouTube; sociolinguistics
2016 Dame, Avery Making a name for yourself: tagging as transgender ontological practice on Tumblr journal article Critical Studies in Media Communication [link] 33 1 23-37 Tumblr; networked publics; transgender; tags; folksonomy
2016 Dame, Avery Phelan Mapping the Territory: Archiving the Trans Website in an Age of Search journal article TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly [link] 3 3-4 628-636 transgender; website; archive; algorithm; home page
2017 Dame, Avery Talk Amongst Yourselves: Conceptions of “Community” in Transgender Counterpublic Discourse Online, 1990-2014 thesis University of Maryland [link]
2019 Dame-Griff, Avery Herding the 'Performing Elephants:' Using Computational Methods to Study Usenet journal article Internet Histories [link] 3 3-4 223-224 Usenet; transgender; cisgender; digital history; web history
2021 Dame-Griff, Avery How the bulletin board systems, email lists and Geocities pages of the early internet created a place for trans youth to find one another and explore coming out essay The Conversation [link]
2020 Dame-Griff, Avery P. Trans Cultures Online book chapter The International Encyclopedia of Gender, Media, and Communication (Wiley) [link]
2017 Darwin, Helana Doing Gender Beyond the Binary: A Virtual Ethnography journal article Symbolic Interaction [link] 40 3 317-334 Reddit; virtual ethnography; genderqueer; transgender; nonbinary
2014 De Las Casas, Diego Couto; Magno, Gabriel; Cunha, Evandro; Gonçalves, Marcos André; Cambraia, César; Almeida, Virgilio Noticing the other gender on Google+ conference paper Proceedings of the 2014 ACM conference on Web science - WebSci '14 [link] 156-160 online social networks; gender issues; Google+
2022 de Lima, Gabriely; Lopes, Lucas; Raulino, Natã; Nunes, Caio; Saboia, Inga; Leite Jr., A J M TRANSforming Design Through Emotion: An Application to Support Brazilian Transgender Student Women journal article Interacting with Computers [link]
2022 Delmonaco, Daniel; Haimson, Oliver L. "Nothing that I was specifically looking for": LGBTQ + youth and intentional sexual health information seeking journal article Journal of LGBT Youth [link] 1-18 information seeking; social media; LGBTQ + youth; sexual health
2016 Deutsch, Madeline B. Evaluation of Patient-Oriented, Internet-Based Information on Gender-Affirming Hormone Treatments journal article LGBT Health [link] 3 3 200-207 evaluation; hormones; Internet; patient education; transgender
2013 Deutsch, Madeline B.; Green, Jamison; Keatley, JoAnne; Mayer, Gal; Hastings, Jennifer; Hall, Alexandra M. Electronic medical records and the transgender patient: recommendations from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health EMR Working Group journal article Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association [link] 20 4 700-703
2022 DeVito, Michael Ann How Transfeminine TikTok Creators Navigate the Algorithmic Trap of Visibility Via Folk Theorization journal article Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction [link] CSCW transgender; transfeminine; folk theories; TikTok; content creation; content moderation; harassment
2020 DeVito, Michael Ann Presenting the Self on Unstable Ground: Adaptive Folk Theorization as a Path to Algorithmic Literacy on Changing Platforms thesis Northwestern University [link]
2021 DeVito, Michael Ann; Walker, Ashley Marie; Fernandez, Julia R. Values (Mis)alignment: Exploring Tensions Between Platform and LGBTQ+ Community Design Values journal article Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction [link] 5 CSCW1 design values; value-sensitive design; online communities; LGBTQ+; Queer HCI; social media; platforms; anxiety
2020 Dowers, Eden; Kingsley, Jonathan; White, Carolynne Virtually Trans: an Australian Facebook group supporting gender diverse adults’ health and wellbeing journal article Health Promotion International [link] 1-12 gender; transgender persons; social networks; social support
2022 Dowshen, Nadia; Lett, Elle Telehealth for Gender-Affirming Care: Challenges and Opportunities journal article Transgender Health [link] 7 2 111-112
2017 Drake, Aubri A.; Bielefield, Arlene Equitable access: Information seeking behavior, information needs, and necessary library accommodations for transgender patrons journal article Library & Information Science Research [link] 39 3 160-168
2021 Du Mont, Janice; Kosa, Sarah Daisy; Friedman Burley, Joseph; Macdonald, Sheila Development of a WebPortal to Advance and Mobilize Knowledge Relevant to Trans-Affirming Care for Sexual Assault Survivors in Ontario, Canada journal article Transgender Health [link] intersectoral; knowledge mobilization; network; online; sexual assault; transgender
2013 Dunbar-Hester, Christina; Renninger, Bryce Trans Technology: Circuits of Culture, Self, Belonging report Institute for Women and Art, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey [link]
2018 Dym, Brianna; Brubaker, Jed; Fiesler, Casey "theyre all trans sharon": Authoring Gender in Video Game Fan Fiction journal article Game Studies [link] 18 3 fan fiction; discourse analysis; transgender identity; LGBTQ; folksonomy; archive of our own; queer game studies
2019 Dym, Brianna; Brubaker, Jed R.; Fiesler, Casey; Semaan, Bryan "Coming Out Okay": Community Narratives for LGBTQ Identity Recovery Work journal article Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction [link] 3 CSCW LGBTQ; fandom; fanfiction; visuality; trauma and recovery
2022 Eagle, Rob Through the Wardrobe: Exploring the potential of headset augmented reality to provide a Thirdspace immersive media experience thesis University of the West of England, Bristol [link]
2018 Eckstein, Ace J. Out of Sync: Complex Temporality in Transgender Men's YouTube Transition Channels journal article QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking [link] 5 1 24-47
2014 Eckstein, Ace Jordan Documenting Transition, Transforming Gender: the Worldmaking Work of Trans Men on Youtube thesis University of Colorado [link]
2019 Edenfield, Avery C. Queering consent: design and sexual consent messaging journal article Communication Design Quarterly [link] 7 2 50-63 queer theory; design; DIY; sexual consent; tactical technical communication
2010 Ekins, Richard; King, Dave The Emergence of New Transgendering Identities in the Age of the Internet book chapter Transgender Identities (Taylor & Francis) [link] 25-42
2018 Erlick, Eli Trans Youth Activism on the Internet journal article Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies [link] 39 1 73-92 transgenderism; gender identity; people of color; online communities; LGBT; queer studies; educational resources; websites; cultural identity; gay communities
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